Take the day off

After i worked so hard ,i decided to have the  day off  on friday  and  when  to  HuaHin  with  my  family.

This  trip  i  attented  to  take  the  relaxation as  much  as i  could  ,but  it  wasn’t  like  my  dream  cause  many people  went  to Huahin  almost  every  good  restaurant were  fulled and  had the traffic

anyway  we  were  enjoyed  on  our way

The lobby  of  the hotel  that  we  staied

Because  of  the  weather  was  so hot  so  we would like to  have  a nice  place  to  take a rest  and talk  together  so  we ‘ve got  this  place

Ban klai  wang Cafe

the scenery  is  beautiful  and peaceful

even  just  some cake are  yummy  but   it’s beautiful :O)

this  trip we ‘ve  been to  the wineary at huahin hills

that  ‘s  quite far  from  the  city

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